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Multiregion DVD Upgrades for Philips, Pioneer, panasonic, Sony, marantz, and many more machines from Multiregion Upgrades
Multiregion DVD upgrades for Philips.

MODEL NUMBER - Please ignore any letters after the main model number on your machine, as these refer to colour / tuner options only. For example if you own a "DRMV1-S" your required upgrade is "DRMV1"..

REGIONS 1-6 - Once modified, your machine will play original DVD movies from these regions.

REGION CHANGE - How you change regions once the machine is modified. AUTO = The player changes region itself with no user intervention. MANUAL - You physically select the region required via the players remote before use. The player then becomes that region until changed again.

RCE DISCS - Region Protection system implimented to prevent export of R1 American discs. RCE compatible incicates that Region 1 RCE discs will play.

DIY UPGRADE - A do it yourself (DIY) kit, if available. This is either a disc to purchase, or a special tool supplied on a rental basis that you return to us once your player is modified. Full modification instuctions are supplied with each kit. Click the "[info]" link next to the DIY price for the model you own, for more details and to order.

UPGRADE SERVICE - This is the price we charge to professionally modify your player once sent to us. The price shown includes full testing prior to and after installation of the multiregion modification. Click the "[info]" link next to the fitted price for more details and to order.

Regions 1-6 Region Change Sprinter mod RCE Discs DIY Upgrade Kit Upgrade Service
DVD-Q40 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-Q50 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-612 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-622 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-623 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-633 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-700 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-701 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-703 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-710 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-711 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-712 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-723 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-730 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-750 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-751 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-756 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-761 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-762 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-825 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-930 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-935 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-950 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-955 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-956 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-957 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-958 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-960 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-963 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-755VR Auto / manual £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-783CH Auto / manual £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-793CH Auto / manual £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-R70 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-R75 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-R80 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-R610 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-R740 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-R880 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-R890 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-R980 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-R985 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-R990 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
DVD-R1000 Automatic £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
PET-700 Auto / manual £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
PET-800 Auto / manual £19.99 [info] £29.99 [info]
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