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Multiregion DVD Upgrades for Denon, Pioneer, panasonic, Sony, marantz, and many more machines from
DVD Hacks DVD Chips No Solder DVD Chips for Pioneer, panasonic, Sony, marantz, and many more
Multiregion DVD upgrades for DENON DVD players, Recorders and Home Cinema Systems.

MODEL NUMBER - Click on your model number for more information. Please make sure you order the correct kit for your model!

REGIONS 1-6 - Once modified, your machine will play original DVD movies from these regions. The new settings will be saved, even when un-plugged from the mains supply.

REGION CHANGE - How the upgrade changes regions. This could be automatically done by the player (AUTO), or performed manually via the remote control when needed (MANUAL).

RCE DISCS - Some Region 1 discs have additional protection to stop them playing on non-Region 1 models (RCE). A green tick means that once modified any Region 1 RCE disc will play.

MACRO OFF - Sometimes refered to as "VCR MODE", this indicates if macrovision is disabled for use with protectors.

MOD TYPE - Shows the modification type required for your model.

DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) KIT - Choose this method to modify your machine yourself with one of our DIY kits. Some kits are supplied on a rental only basis that you return to us once your player is modified. Please click on your model number for more details and information regarding the available upgrade for that model.

UPGRADE SERVICE - Choose this method if you wish to have your machine professionally modified and tested in our workshop. Click the "[info]" link next to the fitted price for more details and to order.

Select your model from the list below, and click on the model number for more details / to order.
Model Number Regions 1-6 Region Change RCE Discs Mod type Macro Off DIY Kit Upgrade Service
ADV-550 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
ADV-700 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
ADV-1000 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
D-M51 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
D-M71 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DHT-500SD Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DHT-550SD Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-A1 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-1400 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-1710 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-1720 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-1730 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-1910 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-1920 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-1930 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-1930 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-2000 Automatic Service Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-2200 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-2500 Automatic Service Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-2800 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-2800MKII Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-2900 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-2910 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-3000 Automatic Service Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-3300 Automatic Service Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-3700 Automatic Service Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-3910 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
DVD-5000 Automatic Service Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
S-101 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
S-301 Automatic Disc £19.99 £49.99 [info]
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