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Sky Thompson DSI6210 / DSI8210 / DSI8215 Sky HD Sky+ PSU Repairs and upgrades from Multiregion Upgrades - specialising in multi region upgrades since 1997 [Click for more info]

Sky Thompson DSI6210 / DSI8210 / DSI8215 Sky HD Sky+ PSU Repairs and upgradesRepaired PSU
PSU Repair / Enhancement
If you own a Thompson manufactured Sky HD or Sky + box, then you will at some point suffer from a PSU failure. Just because your box still works is not a sign that your PSU is ok, it could still be failing. Other then opening your box and looking for the tell-tell Sign of bulging or leaking capacitors, a failing PSU will also give the following symptoms: Symptons of a failing PSU
  • No Signal / Intermittent Signal breakup
  • Error 29
  • Picture Breakup on certain channels (Pixelation)
  • Picture Breakup on HD channels (Pixelation)
  • Box freezes during playback then reboots
  • Box Stuck in standby
  • Receiver resets by itself
  • Failed Timer Recordings
If you send us a dead PSU we will inspect it and advise you before repairing it as a dead/blown PSU repair is 49.99. You can find that service HERE.

Please note some of the above symptoms are also signs of impending HDD failure. We recommend you replace the HDD as well, as they have a hard life! Most customers choose to upgrade to a higher capacity drive over the 300gb drive thats fitted as standard. We fit a 1TB drive as stanard on our HDD upgrades, thats over 3 times the original size capacity of the drive fitted in the HD box. We even offer a service to copy over your old drives content so you don`t loose your recorded programes! You can find details on that service HERE.

If you have any questions about this service, please read our SKY HD/+ FAQ or CONTACT US.

Product Information:

  • Replaces all capacitors on your PSU even if they have not all failed
  • Panasonic and Nicon high quality components
  • Higher rated components then originally fitted
  • Cures most problems such as box stuck in standby issues
  • You need to send your PSU to us for this repair!
  • Full support to remove and re-fit your PSU is provided.

Technical Support

How to remove your PSU
click here to view instructions

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we accept all major cards, via our 128bit SSL secure server
Sky Thompson DSI6210 / DSI8210 / DSI8215 Sky HD Sky+ PSU Capacitor Repair Service: £29.99
   You need to send us your PSU for this upgrade - turnaround time usually 1 working day from receipt to dispatch
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